Your Why

Core Purpose: the reason a company exists beyond making a profit.

Vision: the story a leader tells about where the organization is going, the tangible aspirations of a company that drive future growth.  

Attributes: terms used to describe the look and feel of a brand.

Key Products/Services: the most important products and services that the brand offers.

Key Competitors: important brands offering similar products or services.

Competitive Advantage: the differentiating factor in the customer’s mind about the brand. 

Onliness Statement: a brief sentence to describe the category of a brand and it’s core distinction. “The only ______ that ______’s.”

Target Market: the group to which a product, service, or message is aimed.

Value Proposition: a set of benefits, including functional, emotional, and self-expressive benefits.

Key Stakeholders: person, group, organization or system who affects or can be affected by the organization’s actions.