Give Back Fridays

We know what it’s like

To just get started.  To not sure where to focus. To be overwhelmed.  To have limited resources.  We don’t think these things should stop you from moving forward with your business or business idea and that’s why we started Give Back Fridays.  We are entrepreneurs and we support other entrepreneurs.  We want you to become a full paying client of ours in the near future and we know we can help you get there.  Nothing would make us happier than for you to have a successful business!  All we ask in exchange for helping you on our Give Back Fridays is for you to make a donation to charity we are supporting.

Currently we are supporting the Fresh Ground Leapfrog Cafe  You can learn more about how Fresh Ground is impacting peoples lives in these videos.

Frequently Asked Questions


What do these sessions consist of ?

A conversation about your business and where you need help.  We may also use different tools such as the Business Model Canvas, or Value Proposition Design to help us better understand your business and ask better questions. Once we understand how you need help we will make suggestions and propose action items for you to execute.  At the end of a session you should have a clear understanding of where you are and what actions you need to take.


How long are these session ?

Most sessions last between one and two hours.


What do I need to bring ?

An openness to go through the process is the most important.  You will also need pencil and paper to take notes.  This process is more about a structured conversation. It takes a willingness to participate to make it successful. 


Can I book follow up sessions ?

Yes, However, Give Back Fridays work on a first come first serve basis.  If you need a follow-up session be sure to schedule it soon.  Our Give Back Friday time slots fill up fast.

To us Friday is not about the end of the week it’s the beginning of the possible!

Book a two hour Give Back Friday time slot