Life long learners in attendance:

Gemma Beylouny – Owner of  

Jonathan Chambers – Community Manager of Entrepreneurship at Cherokee Department of Econominc Development 

Joe Cianciolo – Chief Achievement Strategist at 

Pat Batchelor – Owner of

Ben Carter – Founder of


Discussion on the purpose of the group: 

Friendship.  Exchange of perspectives. Relationships.  Discovery. Intentional awareness of learning.  Challenging ourselves to learn more than the books we read.  To journey to a higher state of knowledge.    


Gemma – Books that have impacted her: 

Jonathan – Books that have impacted him:

Pat – Books that have impacted him:

Joe – Books that have impacted him:


Ben – Books that have impacted him:

At the end of this meeting the members present their book recommendation for two-month learning cycle.  The books presented were:

The book chosen was The Richest Man in Babylon.  

For those who missed the meeting, we meet every month on the 2nd Thursday at 10:30 am at The Circuit.  Grab a copy, read it, and join us to discuss on 11/14 otherwise join us for a fresh gathering and new book in December.

Checking in 10-30-2019