Tom Cox Interview

An interview with local brand identity expert and architect, Tom Cox. Tom is the Founder of Tom Cox Design and a local branding legend. Tom started at Coca-Cola when he was only 24-years-old and did amazing things there in only eight years like the “Always Coca-Cola” logo we all know well. Now, a creative entrepreneur with his own brand studio, he designs everything from local city rebrands to brand new identities from scratch to new identities for big national brands. And, Tom is as humble and generous as he is creative and innovative. “Tom specializes in helping brand leaders take a good look at their identity, so others will take a good look at their brand. A unique talent for using words and images to set a brand apart.” | Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, a freelance creative, or simply love a good entrepreneurial story you will enjoy Tom’s story and no doubt leave inspired to be creative and do something amazing.